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Effective Lawn & Shrub Care Services in St. Augustine, FL

Pests are a nuisance wherever they live, especially in your house and yard. Ironically, these are places that provide ideal environments for several insects and bothersome plants. For the last 40 years, Baker Pest Control has served the community with top-notch lawn and shrub care services in St. Augustine, FL. 

Insects and plants can do a great deal of harm to your beautifully, well-maintained yard. Prevent the bugs and weeds from destroying all of your hard work by contacting our pest control company. With years of experience, our team knows exactly what to do to stop the destruction of your turf.

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What We Can Do for Your Lawn

Our family-owned-and-operated company is ready and waiting to provide services that contribute to the green glory of your lawn and the loveliness of your shrubs. Reach out to us for the following:

Grubs Prevention: Grubs are the nickname for young chafer beetles that love to eat the roots of your grass and shrubs. These pests are responsible for those bald patches on your beautiful lawn. It only takes a few grubs per square foot of yard to turn your yard into spots of dead grass. We recommend lawn spraying to combat this nuisance before you seed or fertilize.

Ticks Removal: With their connection to Lyme disease, no one wants to think about ticks living on their property. Let us help you take care of these pesky insects with proper treatment. We apply proven products that rid your lawn and shrubs of ticks.

Weed Control: Weeds compete with your grass, shrubs, and flowers for food and water underneath the ground. Don’t let the weeds take over. Instead, call us for spraying to take out the competition.

Fungus Treatments: The presence of fungus turns a healthy lawn into distorted patches. Not only do these look nasty, but they are harming the vegetation in your yard. Our technicians can provide you with treatment that restores your lawn to its full beauty.

Soil Testing: Identifying what’s happening underground can go a long way towards determining what’s needed to keep your lawn looking its best above ground. We can test your soil to determine what nutrients are available, as well as to look into the growth of fungus.

Our lawn services are available on a monthly, bi-monthly, and annual basis to ensure the exterior portion of your home always looks presentable. Feel confident our technicians are committed to providing first-rate services at affordable prices.

Contact us today to schedule lawn and shrub services. Based in St. Augustine, Florida, we proudly serve customers in St. Johns and Flagler counties.