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Rodent Extermination Services in St. Augustine, FL

Serve unwanted pests with an eviction notice when you turn to the team at Baker Pest Control. For more than 40 years, our family-owned company has delivered top rodent extermination services in St. Augustine, FL, and surrounding areas. Whether you are dealing with squirrels, mice, or another critter, count on our rodent exterminator to make your space safe again. Our licensed and insured professionals work quickly and efficiently to solve your pest control concerns. Speak with us today to request a free estimate for your rodent issues.

Are You Living with Rodents in Your Home?

No one wants to deal with a sudden pest infestation in their residence. Even if you have not seen rodents crawling around your floors, there are several signs to watch out for that signal that you have a pest control problem. If you are noticing unusual droppings or grease stains on your floors or carpets, contact our rodent control specialist immediately for service.

Rat in St. Augustine, FL

Because these critters can reproduce quickly when they are left unchecked, it is important to request service as soon as possible. Even if you only spot one rodent, there could be a larger infestation somewhere else in the house. At our company, we provide you with peace of mind that your space is free of pests. We offer rodent control for the following:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels

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Doing Away with Pests

Many homeowners believe that their residence is safe from the threat of rats and other pests. However, it is important to remember that mice do not need a large amount of space to gain access to a home. Rodents are flexible enough to squeeze through holes of any size, even small openings.

Reach out to our team at the first sign of trouble to take care of the issue. During the rodent control process, we will inspect all entry points and seal them so that rodents are no longer able to enter your home. With our services, you will create a safe space for you and your family.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Rodents are not just irritating pests, but they can pose a severe health and safety risk to you and your family. Vermin are known to carry harmful diseases that can easily be passed to humans. At the first sign of a problem, it is important that you call in a professional for service.

Contact us to use our extermination services for your rodent issues. We offer pest control throughout St. Augustine, Florida, and surrounding areas.